Log Cabins

Are you looking for high-quality timber log cabins? If so, you’re definitely at the right place.

Based at Roots, Timberia Limited build all kinds of log cabins, whether it’s a home or home office, a play room or hobby room, a gym, or sauna.. These cabins may serve as a cosy place to hide out, write or as a tree house for your children. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassles of designing a cabin, you can check out our pre-designed premier Log Cabin range. If you want something unique and personalised, you can choose to go for our Bespoke Log Cabin design programme. We can assign our trusted professionals to assist you in designing your dream cabin.

Timberia provides pretty much everything under one roof, from base installation to log cabin and roof installation, from painting packages to decorating options, and from electrical installation to fitting plumbing equipment.


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